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Authentic Hawaiian Poke

Poke bowl is a typical delicacy from Hawaii. The meal came about when fishermen seasoned the cut-offs from their catch to serve as a snack. "Poke" is actually a Hawaiian word which means stripping and slicing. The poke bowl dish became increasingly popular in the United States in 2012, and even former President Barack Obama is said to be a great fan of the meal. In the culture of light meals, the poke bowl dish is extremely popular among those who advocate a healthy lifestyle and diet.



Founded in 2020, Poké Poké's mission is to provide healthy fast food Hawaiian poke bowl to locals. After one decade of life at the United States and many trips to Hawaii, the founder decided to bring this delicacy to Canarias for all to enjoy. In Poké Poké, we offer customizable, low-calorie poke bowl with tons of  personalizable combinations. 


We are located at:

Olof Palme:

Calle Olof Palme, 36, Las Palmas

Monday to Sunday

12:30 to 16:30, 19:30 to 23:30


C.C Las Terrazas:


Calle Triana, 35, Las Palmas

Monday to Sunday

12:00 to 23:00


C.C Las Arenas:

C.C Las Arenas Planta Terraza

Monday to Sunday

12:30 to 23:00


C.C 7 Palmas:

C.C Las Terrazas

Monday to Sunday

C.C 7 Palmas

Monday to Sunday

12:30 a 23:00

12:30 a 23:00

Teléfono: 928-96-82-89

Teléfono: 828-08-88-64

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Poké Poké was founded on the vision of bringing people healthy, flavorful food. We want you to savor the genuine wholesomeness that comes from fresh ingredients. Bringing freshness straight into your everyday life is our mission!


Your health is important to us. We always look for supplies that are sourced from local area. We strike to make balance between making dining convenient, while still offering fresh, healthy meals.


We are keen to protect environment to ensure it remains a playground for future generations. We are therefore committing to a new environmental promise to take every possible step to reduce our carbon footprint and become more sustainable

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